About us

I'm Charlotte, a mother of two perfect girls and a small business owner in the South West. My daughter Lauren was diganosed with a severe hearing loss at birth and was fitted with her first hearing aid at 6 weeks old.

At first she kept her hearing aids in well, however, when she reached 4 months old she began to pull them out. That was when I decided to invent the Hearing Aid Headband. It has special pockets that hold the aid safely, securely and comfortably behind the ear.

These made an immediate difference. The pockets hold the aids securely in place, limiting access for little hands, and even if they can be grasped they are less likely to be lost. As a parent, knowing that it is siginificantly harder for your child to handle the batteries gives further peace of mind.

I was then approached by other parents and Teachers Of the Deaf to make more for other children. Word spread, I started a Facebook page and have now made over 2000 headbands for children and adults of all different ages.

They are suitable for behind-the-ear hearing aids and for cochlear implant users. Each headband is handmade to order and tailor-made according to the users personal measurements. Adaptations for different requirements such as solo aids can easily be accomodated.

The headband can also be used for older children/adults for sports to hold the aid in place.