Hearing Aid Headbands

Hearing Aid Headbands

Bespoke headbands for your childs needs | suitable for both hearing aids & cochlear implants | special pockets to hold hearing aids behind the ears | Soft fabric in various colours

About Our
Hearing Aid Headbands


My daughter Lauren was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss at birth and was fitted with her first hearing aid at 6 weeks of age.

At first she kept her aids in fine until she got to about 4 months old, she then started to pull them out so I invented the Hearing Aid Headband with its special patent pending pockets that hold the aid behind the ear.

These made an immediate difference. Because the headband holds the aids in place it feels more secure to her so it stops her from pulling it out as much but also as the aid is attached to the headband that when she does pull them out they are harder to lose and the risk of her getting to the battery is greatly reduced.

I was then approached by other parents and teachers of the deaf to make them for them too. So I started a Facebook page and have now made over 250 headbands for children of all different ages.

They are suitable for behind the ear hearing aids and also for cochlear implant users too. Each headband is handmade to order and tailor made for the user. So if you only have one hearing aid then I only make 1 pocket.

The headband can also be used for older children/adults for sports to hold the aid in place.


Some very happy customers :)

How To Order

Before ordering your Hearing Aid Headband please choose a colour/pattern from our regulary updated Facebook page,
once you have decided please return here and specify which you would like within the box below


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*I am happy to ship to any country but to cover postage costs
there will be an extra £4.00 added per order.


** Loop for attaching hair clips / bows **



* Due to the bespoke nature of my headbands once I have received your order I will then email you and ask for a few head measurements and the type and quantity of the hearing aids or Cochlear implants -
please see below

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